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Category: Underwear
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Date: 2014-02-19

Large number of people is in general fans of Nike, it is almost like Apple in footwear industry and everything connected with it. Properly speaking, I dropped in sports shop for sneakers, surely not for Nike, but for common cheap one and while choosing I remembered that I also need socks. Nike socks caught my eyes, by the way some invisible socks. I was just curious and I bought them, though the price was about 8$, i.e. I consider to be unreasonable for socks, and very much so.

Only at home I found out what kind of socks are invisible socks. And these are socks that don’t have upper part, they cover only lower part of the foot that is they don’t even rich the shin. I’ll tell you honestly, if I would know this in advance – I wouldn’t have bought it. I understand that they are necessary for definite kinds of sport, perhaps for calisthenics, when feet in gym shoes and classical socks would look carelessly. I wasn’t able to come up with other options where to use these socks.

In everyday life they are very inconvenient to wear, they are always slipping down from leg, and feet are blown from beneath and they slightly freeze if it happens in autumn, like now. On the whole, it is unusual and inconvenient, besides expensive. There are a lot of loud slogans on its label on the point of how perfect are these socks, that there is a special fabric and it takes away moisture well (where removed into a shoe or what?), that they support foot (actually they don’t, these are common socks), that they are very light, lighter than simple socks, which is of course important point for Olympic runners for hundred meters, where every tiny gram matters.

As a whole, I don’t recommend buying these socks, as it is an absolute waste of money.

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  1. Yokko 12 June 2014 :

    Products of famous brands are always rather expensive. I am constantly buying such invisible socks for sport activities and consider them to be rather convenient, though, of course I pay less. Didn`t you like the fact that the leg is breathing?

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