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Date: 2014-02-27

We were buying this filter, as we always use in all our flats the water-purifying system with help of water filters, working according to reverse osmosis mode. I had a great variety of water filters in my life, and I can tell you precisely that jug filter don’t purify water at all, not even at least. We measured the water consistence BEFORE jug filter and AFTER, the consistence was absolutely identical. We measured it after reverse osmosis; the purifying you get is 95-99%.

And don’t pay attention on the fact that after jug filter the water changes its taste that happens only because the tiniest dust and the smell from activated carbon, which is built inside all the filters of jug type, get into it. That’s just the coal, which actually changes the taste, but absolutely doesn’t purify water. If you want some benefit for health, put the reverse water cleansing osmosis back.

Myths about got uncontaminated water and that water should contain salts or minerals – these are for fools, as 99.99% of necessary salts and minerals human gets from food, not from water. So the water should be crystal clear, without any admixtures.

I have chosen simply particularly this AQUA SWEET RO-29 water filter because no other could be found. But it’s American one, so I didn’t worry as for the quality, expecting that it would be on a high level. This model purifies water due to 5 stages.

1. The first step purifies water from mechanical admixtures like sand, rust and other dredges.

2. The second stage is the purifying through cartridge with extruded coal. It purifies water from microorganisms, chlorine and various organic substances.

3. The third step is one more mechanical filter, it looks similar to the first stage, but it purifies from tinier particles with the size of 1mkm that is it cleans up everything possible from water so not to damage the membrane of reverse osmosis, which is right below it.

4. The forth step is the main – this is indeed the reverse osmosis membrane, so not to go deep into technical details of working principles of the reverse osmosis, I’ll tell only that this is the water purifying on molecular level. Absolutely everything except water molecules is removed from water.

5. The fifth step of purifying has protecting function; it is the cartridge with activated carbon from coconut shell. It is mostly installed just in case, if suddenly some organic impurities still go through the 4th stage, then this filter will remove them.

The coming out water turns out to be tasty and crystal pure. The system performance has 190 liters in a day. If you put it in a flat, you don’t need to buy anything additional. And if placed in a house, the water pressure in a line of vessel filling may not be enough, in such case you also install the pump in front of the filter. This system cost me around 300$, I suppose it’s cheap. The maintenance is simple, once half a year you change first 3 filters and once a year the two remaining. Filters are cheap, half a year change cost me 10$.

The most interesting, let’s look on the photo, these are photos of first three filters after being used for half a year. Please note that initially they were snow-white both from the inside and outside, so particles not of white color showed you on photos – these are contaminations, which the filter has removed for half a year. It’s scary to look at them; especially at first one… it is just all covered with rust. Imagine that all that settles down on your kidneys and organism, new kidney cost 50000-120000$, while filter costs 300$. How do you think, does it worth it?

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  1. Fred 30 April 2014 :

    Water purifying filter is always a problem. It is very difficult to choose the right one. I used to buy the most expensive ones but they appeared to be of bad quality. What options should be considered?

  2. Foxy 18 May 2014 :

    I have the same problem and I guess that it is better to but filters of well-known brands or those which were checked and recommended by your friends.

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