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Date: 2014-02-27

I eat porridges all the time, I have to do so due to my diet. All my life I should eat porridge daily, as a minimum for one meal of three is always porridge. So I tried absolutely all sorts of porridges accessible in shops. Of course not sorts themselves, but makers of these or that porridges, which I may eat. Today I want to write a review on Bistro Skaneja porridge.

Right away I want to make a note that it’s flakes, not porridge. The difference is that porridge should be cooked for half an hour, and flakes are only covered with boiling water for 3-5 minutes and everything is ready for having a meal. I like such option much more, than fuss when cooking porridge. These flakes are a bit harsh, but in a good way, unlike some kinds when you eat them as a homogeneous mass and can’t understand what you’re eating, this texture is felt in mouth. I can’t complain neither as for the taste, nor smell or anything else, everything is ok and is made on a high level, is of high-quality.

However, there are so-called black specks of dust in porridge. Modern cereals don’t usually have this drawback, but for example Nordic porridge, which is a standard for me doesn’t contain even a speck of dust, it’s absolutely clean porridge. In general, modern porridges don’t have this drawback. But for instance, Nordic cereal, which is a reference for me, doesn’t have even a speck of dust at all, it is absolutely clean porridge. And in this porridge you can come across dust, of course not 10% of the volume, and rather 0.1%. Nevertheless, it bothers me personally, as I am such a person that I am trying to do everything ideally, so it strains me a bit to take out these specks of dust each time, though it doesn’t steal much time, couple of minutes can be maximum. But the maker has where to aim at, take Norwegian porridge as an example, it is always purely clear.

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