Case with battery Nokia Camera Grip PG-95G

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The very indispensable thing for Nokia Lumia 1020 owners

Author: Eric     Date: 2014-02-18
Author´s opinion:
I have bought Lumia 1020 camera phone for its camera only. I have no sympathy neither to Nokia as a brand nor to Windows Phone. Here I explain the reasons why I decided to buy the battery-case: - First of all it is a good supplier of extra 1020 mAh that gives you additional 12 hours of your smartphone’s life or add 40% of the nominal capacity of phone battery. - Secondly, you do need some case to protect your phone, otherwise you have to put the phone on the table whether with the screen down taking the risk to scratch the display, or with the camera down: but since camera is protruding pretty much you actually take much ...