How to make anti-inflammatory mask with dog’s saliva (it is safe for dog)


How to make anti-inflammatory mask with dog’s saliva

For thousands of years the dog has been living next to human, having turned from a domesticated wolf into the loyal and devoted friend, whom one trust protection of belongings, domestic animals, support of blind people and even babysitting. Over the centuries it is also known about medical impact of dogs on human – by pet therapy one treat children with mental retardation, belt from dog’s hair relieves back aches, dog’s saliva speeds up healing of wounds. But further than anyone else in the study of medical properties of all parts of the dog’s body have gone ancient Chinese healers, who treated people by blood, milk, urine, fat of dogs. It should be noted that the attitude towards dogs in Asia is absolutely different from ours. There dogs are eaten, used for medical potions, so anti-inflammatory mask with dog’s saliva that allows to get rid of pimples, blackheads and other skin problems is so popular in Asian countries.

You´ll need

  • Dog’s saliva – 2 tbsp
  • Water – 2 tbsp
  • Disposable tissue mask


  • How to make anti-inflammatory mask with dog’s saliva

    Already in ancient times people have noticed the high speed with which dog’s wounds are healed. At that time it was already known that it happens thanks to unique properties of dog’s saliva. Nobel Prize winner Alexander Fleming, learning the properties of dog’s saliva has determined that thanks to the high consistence of lysozyme (enzyme, possessing strong germicidal properties) the growth of pathogenic flora on damaged tissues slows down. Followers of the scientist have discovered that lysozyme in dog’s saliva is also effective for destruction of cell walls of pathogenic microorganisms, causing suppuration of wounds of people and appearance of acne. The mask with dog’s saliva is rather effective, but not acceptable for everybody. To collect saliva it’s better to take breeds of dogs that have “increased slavering” with large, freely hanging lips (flews), these are – Bulldogs, Italian Mastiffs, Great Danes etc.

  • How to make anti-inflammatory mask with dog’s saliva

    The choice of animal mustn’t be accidental. You must be sure that the dog is completely healthy, has all the vaccinations needed, does deworming in time, and gets feed of high quality and all necessary vitamin and mineral additives. Only such animal will possess rather large amount of lysozyme in its saliva. The saliva is taken in the morning before feeding. The process of collecting saliva of dog is not difficult – it’s enough to hold something tasty and most favorite for the dog before animal’s nose for several minutes when “salivary rain” starts. What is left for us is only to collect the saliva in a clean prepared container.

  • How to make anti-inflammatory mask with dog’s saliva

    Dog’s saliva is thick and viscous, so that it will be easier for you to apply it to face you may use disposable tissue masks with openings for eyes.

  • How to make anti-inflammatory mask with dog’s saliva

    To do that we mix the saliva with clear water in 1 to 1 ratio and mix it up well.

  • How to make anti-inflammatory mask with dog’s saliva

    Though not at once, the saliva is distributed in water and we get a homogeneous, a little bit viscous slimy liquid.

  • How to make anti-inflammatory mask with dog’s saliva - перевод Алены

    Disposable tissue mask allows applying the saliva to your skin as comfortable as possible and less unpleasant.

  • How to make anti-inflammatory mask with dog’s saliva - перевод Алены

    We drop the dry mask into container with dissolved saliva.

  • How to make anti-inflammatory mask with dog’s saliva - перевод Алены

    Already in 15-20 seconds the mask fully absorbs all the liquid and becomes larger. You may unfold it and apply to prepared face skin.

  • How to make anti-inflammatory mask with dog’s saliva

    Before using the mask with dog’s saliva you should wash off the rests of make-up and clean contaminations, slightly steam it (if your skin endures this procedure well). The tissue mask saturated with dog’s saliva is put on clean and warm skin and is left for 10 minutes, you may cover the face with a towel (activity of lysozyme increases by increasing of the temperature).


  • If you can’t overcome your disgust to mask with dog’s saliva, you can make mask with egg white as it also contains large amount of lysozyme (thanks to which eggs don’t spoil for a long time).
  • Not everyone is able to apply the mask with dog’s saliva to face, but scientists persuade of the fact that even simple communication with beloved dog relieves from stress, lowers down blood pressure, and improves work of cardiovascular system.

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  1. tiffany 04 June 2014 :

    That is the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen! As far as I know dog`s saliva is full of bacteria! How can it be applied on the face?

  2. Helen 05 July 2014 :

    Well, it is really rather surprising but I have heard that dog`s saliva possesses healing properties and in ancient times it was used for healing wounds.

  3. Oggi 21 July 2014 :

    I heard this fact too but before the usage of dog`s saliva it is necessary to be sure that the dog is healthy.

  4. Linda 31 July 2014 :

    It is nonsense. I can`t imagine that somebody can apply dog`s saliva on the face.

  5. Kat 14 August 2014 :

    I’ve seen recipes from this author for face masks made of cockroach shells and snail mucus as well. I’m seriously hoping these were meant to be a joke. Disgusting!!

  6. Greta 29 October 2014 :

    I have heard a lot about snail`s mucus which is used for facial care but I am really shocked to know that dog`s saliva can be applied. It is not sterile anyway.

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