L’Oreal eye makeup remover

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Customer reviews: L’Oreal eye makeup remover

It perfectly removes even waterproof cosmetics

Author: Fialla     Date: 2014-02-13
Author´s opinion:
When at work, I just must look immaculately, that’s why I have to use cosmetics every day. When I return home late, I only wish to remove the makeup quickly and carefully, so that my skin looked well and there were no remains of lash mascara, eyeliner or orbital night. I’ve recently solved this problem after having tried numerous tonics, gels and cleansing milks. The ones exasperated the mucosa, the others made it dry. Having tried the L’Oreal decorative makeup remover I stopped searching, because I really enjoyed it. Now I’ve fully realized that it’s better to spend a bit more money for higher quality. Now I don’t ...