Keiko Green Tea Chocolate

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This kind of chocolate has small amount of green tea in it, its taste is flavorless

Author: Eric     Date: 2014-02-08
Author´s opinion:
I have bought this exotic kind of chocolate with green tea ‘Keiko’, but it seems that it is produced by Germans. It is expensive, 30 g chocolate bar costs 4$, but you can give it a spin. I will compare it with the real Japanese chocolate from green tea, about which I have already left my comments; if you are interested you can read it here. This chocolate is flavourless, although you can see pieces of petals (is this skilful imitation?), the colour is also faded. But unlike Meiji, the structure of which is absolutely homogeneous, and the colour is bright. Meiji’s taste is very bright, strong and unforgettable. You can ...