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Date: 2014-02-19

It is a gaming mouse of a well-known Razer company, the model began to be for sale in 2012. By the way, Taipan is the name of very venomous, aggressive and dangerous snakes. It must be said that all Razer products are developed exceptionally in cooperation with gaming communities and clubs. This means that in theory the product has to be ideal, as it is tested and completed by professional gamers that also determine optimum size, weight, shape and other things. Actually Razer itself simple make their wishes come true and bring them to life, and surely it also deals with the design.
Specifically this model is a symmetric one, so it will do for both right-handed and left-handed people, and will be right for any sizes of hands. The maximum resolution of 8200 dpi is certainly a lot for real life even in games. It doesn’t need to be so, as other characteristics are far more important. The presence of hybrid sensor is much more interesting, which means that the mouse is both laser and optical wherewith the producer guarantees clear and ideally precise work on any surface. The very sensors here are of the fourth generation (4G).

Now we should directly move to the mouth. The complete set is a simple box, all made of toxically green colors, rather large box by the way. Back from and on sides of the box there is a detailed work specification, which lists all the peculiarities and other benefits, the owner of which you became, having bought this mouse. Well and of course there is a listing of all gaming teams and clubs of world-wide known status, with whom they worked in cooperation on the developing stage of the mouse. We open the box, photo number 3 and see mouse ordinary packed in plastic. Delivery set includes green labels, user manual and a couple of venomously green cardboard boxes with pompous advertising slogans like “there is no way back” and so on and so forth bla bla bla and warranty conditions.
I’ll tell at once that I liked the design of this mouse most of all, photos 5-8, 10-11. The design is cool and there is no doubt about, it is like a hybrid of Stels LED watches and hyper car, it is all so black and matted. Well and surely awesome lattices on the front part (photo 6) – a very beautiful decorative element. The shape of the mouse helps to use different types of grips. If to speak correctly there is by the way plenty of gaming grips and all of them may be used with this product thanks to its universal form.

The weight of 94g, the length is 124mm, it is a classical size for a solid man’s hand, it will be frankly inconvenient for a child or a woman, as the mouse is rather large. Besides, the plastic of the body a little bit reminds of polycarbonate (so-called touch-soft), though it doesn’t seem to be the one, but merely matt plastic of quite rigid texture. But this is really good as there will be left even less fingerprints and impurities on the surface. Well and clutch of the hand with the mouse is even higher, as the surface has turned out to be too textured, right for gamers.

Essentially there are 9 buttons on the mouse, quite enough even for the most fanatic gamer. And of course each of them is programmed. The scroll wheel is massive, rather easy to revolve, with inlays to improve scrolling control. Certainly you may press the scroll, as it is also a button, but it is very rigid to my mind and it is inconvenient in use. On the photo 8 you can see the button placed above the scroll wheel. It is button of sensor sensitivity adjustment. Buttons are very rigid and it’s obviously done to exclude false clicks, but as a result, personally I vice versa had some extra. As you press on it stronger, and eventually press on the right or left button instead of changing sensitivity. Moreover, we are deprived of this very sensitivity, so dear friends make for only by eye. It’s a large drawback as in similar products of the competitors, even much cheaper, sensors are almost always present.

In addition, I wish to tell you about two main buttons, properly right and left buttons of the mouse. Before buying I had read reviews about it. It’s written that clicks are easy and well-prognosed, and also immediate due to switchers of Omron Company. Either I have a spoiled mouse (which I strongly doubt), or reviews in the Internet are order made surveys. Main buttons are rigid, hardly pressed, fingers become tired. And this was the main reason why in the end I got rid of this mouse, as I couldn’t really get used to that for couple of months. As for instant responses of click… guys, does any other exist? I have the cheapest Logitech mouse for 10$, it makes no difference with this expensive mouse in terms of speed of clicking as it is instant as well. So in my opinion, all these are advertising nonsense of marketing specialists and paid reviews on hi-tech portals. By the way, button click here is loud, I don’t need such. What for is this all, does anyone need to hear these loud clicks as they only disturb, especially at night.

The producer says that these switchers are designed for 20 million clicks; your mouse won’t leave so long. The cheapest Chinese switch buttons are in operation for 5 years. Really, I don’t know how many clicks are available there, but I think it’s far from 20 millions, so the next senseless marketing misrepresentative point is taken into consideration.

Apart from that, I would like to tell and describe side buttons in detail, and generally about side edges of the mouse. On each side there are 2 silvery buttons, which are placed above rubber surface of side-frames. Side-frames are actually rubber. It is clear that buttons are completely programmable, all this is great as the very clicking on them are quite easy and pleasant, and here there are no problems. However, the arrangement of buttons is such that personally I always had sudden clicks. It annoys very much, and frankly speaking while working in Web browsers it hinders a lot. For example, you are writing a message, an article or filling in a big form on the page and suddenly you press the side button, which has the meaning of “back” in browser and all your information is irreversibly lost. This simply drove me crazy. Fortunately, I found the way, as you may at all turn these buttons off with the help of branded software. But in this case we actually think why we need them in all, when in games they seem to be not enough. Now speaking about the rubber surface we say it is relief one and generally a “grip hook” of hand upon it is just ferroconcrete as nothing slides under any circumstances. But God forbid if you suddenly take in your dirty (greasy etc.) arm this surface, it immediately absorbs all and in a month and it looked just vile. And it is very difficult to clean it in contrast to plastic, as in the end we always have filthy side edges. Because in any case there is fat on arms – so-called natural one, which easily accumulates on these cool rubber fixings and hinders severely. If you don’t clean them and ignore this point, again after a couple of months they will simply become sticky and it will be obnoxious to use the mouse. After 4 months using it the rubber edge started to come off slightly in the corner – that signals about its assembling quality.

There are also lightning-up elements, on the very mouse there shines the logo of the company. But here don’t cherish illusions, as it looks very miserably. There is photo of the box 1 on the picture and can you see how cool the logo is shining there? Apparently, the makers see it to be like this in their dreams, but in reality it shines pale green, like on the photo 10. I have seen reviews where the logo shines brightly on destination sites and this can be easily explained – guys have done their best in Photoshop or were taking photos under dimmed light, so that it would look brightly. On the whole the logo didn’t impress me. The scrolling wheel glows the same way, with about the same rate as in common cheap mice. Well and certainly they have saved money on LEDs, as you aren’t able to change colors like in similar devices of other manufacturers, like the very Steel Series where you can custom any color palette. And here you only have green – it’s cheaper this way, though the maker convinces us that this is a brand color – that’s why it is as it has to be according to marketers.

On photo 9 you can see the lower part of the mouse, so-called “sole”. Interesting there can be only 2 holes for two types of sensors – laser and optical. The main sensor is of course laser one, capable of following moves with a speed of 3 meters per second, for example you may launch the mouse for a flight as it isn’t used in any other way. By the way, the ring is rubber around the sensor, it is an extra stand, and the same little legs are made on the edges. Publications write that these legs are Teflon…by touch it’s just a plastic, smooth like in any common mouse. Mouse gliding is probably its main quantity. Thus the gliding is ordinary, well seriously it’s – like any other mouse has. When not taking into account frank, cheap slag and take models from 20-30$ instead, then you’ll surely have the same. I have a playing mouse mat, so I have tested it in full-fledged conditions. The second sensor is optical one. Except for repeating the function of laser one it can determine the distance of the mouse from the surface, what for I have no idea, as nobody actually throws the mouse up in air. But its main option is to help in placing the mouse, especially if the type of the surface will be inappropriate for work of laser sensor. At that very time optical sensor comes to help.

We should also mention 32-bit microprocessor NXP ARM Cortex, which handles all the signals. It’s very good to have a separate processor, as consequently glitches, errors, any freezes and brakes in operation of the mouse, which could appear if the signal was processed by computer and due to data processor loading level would slow down are excluded as you will be protected from all that with this mouse.

I want to say that I liked the cable, but frankly speaking, I like it in all mice of this kind. Her it has done its job as well, as it is of six foot (two meters long) and thick, with nylon coating that is usually very firm, and it is important thing. USB connector is covered with gilding…well it is also marketing, and you may not see any difference from a common connector.

I can write a lot about software of Synapse Razer 2.0, but I’ll try not to tucker you. This is a branded program for customizing and control of the mouse and on the whole of your profiles. As it is in nowadays, all your settings are stored on connectionless service, in other words, on the services of manufacturers. And you may connect your settings on any computer where there is the Internet. Basically it’s convenient. And we speak not only about this mouse, but in general about all the products of Razer. This software is able to control all of them, which is also great. It’s very much like Apple’s iTunes by ideas. You are certainly to download the program from the site of producers, install it and register the account. After that you may use its benefits.

On the screenshot 13 you see that the entire interface is divided into 2 main tabs: Mouse and Macros. The tag Mouse further consists of even 4 more tags: Customize (Settings), Performance (also settings, something like “overall performance”), Lighting and Calibration. On the first tab you may reset functions of all buttons and create different profiles. On the second tab you mainly adjust sensor sensitivity, stages of sensitivity and everything connected with them. There are a lot of settings you may create whole macro-schemes on the issue how the sensor should work. On the third tab the lightning is set up, which can only be switched on or off. And the last tab Calibration will help you to adjust the mouse for special gaming mouse mats right of Razer company. You can surely calibrate the mouse to any surface, and in automatic mode, you’ll just move the mouse and it will choose itself optimal settings for calibration. The only interesting thing in this tab is setting of mouse detachment from the surface. In other words, you set the distance on which you need to lift the mouse up, so that it would lose contact with the surface. Personally I haven’t actually understood what this is for, but then I read that in some kinds of games it may be rather useful function. On the whole, there are a lot of software settings, no not like this… A LOT. You may set anything for absolutely all tastes and needs, and here I’ll give a huge plus to Razer Company.

Now, I’ll solely describe my own impressions. Within about 4 months using it I wasn’t able to choose how to grip it at once and finally I had to put it away into a box. I have a common hand, including sizes like the majority of men. Rubberized insertions are very comfortable for only a month until they become terribly filthy. It is difficult to rub them off, and it usually is made with effort, that’s why may be one edge of the insertion I had started to stick off. I consider this to be direct drawback of the manufacturer. Side buttons are very inconvenient, so false clicks often appear on them. That’s the reason I turned them off, it is a huge drawback of the maker.

If I could select a convenient grip, then I could quite bear other drawbacks of this mouse, as in games actually everything is well, the reaction is blazing. It is rather convenient to change sensor sensitivity with separate buttons, the gliding is perfect, and what everything needed is on the high level. For the sake of interest I tested the work of the mouse on a common table that is wooden surface. However, it works well surely the gliding is not as good as on the gaming mouse mat , but I didn’t have any problems with positioning and accuracy. Well, and the only thing is that probably this mouse is not made for MMORPG as there are absolutely other types of controllers with loads of buttons.

I’ll tell couple of words about the scroll. There is such kind of scroll as free scroll, means when you turn the wheel and it rotates as much as you want without any efforts and not stopping. It is very convenient thing on many mice. Especially expensive and gaming mice have such a mode of scroll, which is usually switched over to, there is no here and it lacks a lot. The very scroll here is noisy and tough a bit, i.e. you won’t be able anyway to spin it a little and get some reserve of free rotation, once you release your finger it stops at once, and by that it makes quite a big noise, all in all I absolutely didn’t like it.

On the whole, I think the device turns out to be raw; there are too many defects, errors and openly not well-designed things like rubber sides. Why not to have month-long test, no idea. We could forgive all that to the mouse of 20-30$, but for purely gaming Razer for about 100$ this is absolutely unacceptable, so I wouldn’t recommend this mouse to anyone. There are options both better and cheaper.

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  1. TanBee 01 May 2014 :

    Game mouse is a very important device for gamer, that is why it should be of high quality. I also don`t like the design but I think that its quality is great.

  2. Victor 12 June 2014 :

    Quality is very important but I also agree that you can find very nice game mouse which has better design and lower price. There is no need in paying for the brand.

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