Iris in Love, Eau de Parfum, Kiotis

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Customer reviews: Iris in Love, Eau de Parfum, Kiotis

Very persistent, rather pungent, and not very much like iris

Author: Tereza     Date: 2014-02-01
Author´s opinion:
My sister adores this perfume. As far as I know, she is buying the third bottle already. The fragrance gives me ambiguous feelings – on the one hand, the scent could be called a pleasant one, but you should better use it moderately, literally half a puff is enough. The fragrance is very firm, it is kept on clothes almost a week. But it is on the other hand, its main problem – if lady overdoes with the amount of perfume, ad litteram it suffocates everything around, my head starts aching at once. And when I ask my sister to use the perfume much moderately, she surprises and says: “Is there really any smell? I don’t feel it!” ...