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Date: 2014-02-18

I have bought Lumia 1020 camera phone for its camera only. I have no sympathy neither to Nokia as a brand nor to Windows Phone.

Here I explain the reasons why I decided to buy the battery-case:
– First of all it is a good supplier of extra 1020 mAh that gives you additional 12 hours of your smartphone’s life or add 40% of the nominal capacity of phone battery.
– Secondly, you do need some case to protect your phone, otherwise you have to put the phone on the table whether with the screen down taking the risk to scratch the display, or with the camera down: but since camera is protruding pretty much you actually take much higher risk to scratch it. This case solves this problem, you may put your smartphone with the camera down and it does not touch a table surface.
– Thirdly, it is not just a simple battery-case, but accessory by Nokia that provides a fastener to set the camera on the tripod. It would be just to mention that the fastener is made of plastic, it is not reliable for many-time use but at least it is present and may serve you in rare occasions.
– Fourthly, the case provides the push button for camera that allows comfortable shooting when you hold your smartphone in one hand as if it is a small traditional snapshot camera.

I mention that together with the delivery expenses its cost was about 100$. The case comes in the branded Nokia box, but it does not present any value so you may throw it off right away. On the case bottom you will find LED indicators of the charge level of the battery, particularly the case battery, but not the smartphone’s one itself. There on the bottom you will find micro-USB port that is an absolute analogue of the smartphone port while the latter one is hidden by the case: that is you use the port of the case for charging and it is equivalent to the process of direct charging. You may also charge the smartphone together with the case using this port: the smartphone will get charging first, and then the case will do. Evidently, you can connect to the personal computer using this port, too.

The case has a rubber cover, you may see it on the picture 3, it is very convenient to grip in your hand and prevents a slip. On the left side of the case there is the tripod connector.

On the right side there is camera push button, here is an important moment – the button is two-position: you get the opportunity to use the smartphone as a usual camera. It means you slightly press push button and the camera makes the first step – central autofocusing, if you are satisfied with the picture, you press the button down to the second position and the picture is taken. If you are not satisfied with the focus the camera made, you release the button back and choose more appropriate view and try to focus again. You may do it on the screen of course, but believe me the button serves you better, more convenient.

The size of the case is pretty big and its weight is considerable, probably it weights half a smartphone. The size of smartphone gets 20% longer, and probably 0.2 inches (5-6 mm) wider.

There is another important detail. The case battery powers the smartphone all at once, that is as soon the phone battery charge is 99% the case starts feeding it with its power to make up for lost charge and gets 100%. As a result – the case is almost always uncharged, and it is no good for lithium-ionic batteries. If you wish to avoid problems with battery in the case or have it broken within a year charge it together with the phone every day, this way it will be no problem, I think.

To tell the truth, I have no idea why they added 1020 mAh only, taking into account the large size of the case it could easily store a flexible battery of 2000 mAh that would considerably prolong life of the smartphone twice. I do not know why the manufacturer did not make it.

By the way, it is very easy to insert the phone into the case, just get in and click. But if you wish to get it out… you are going to face a big job to release aside holders applying pressure. For sure you will get it out, but I do not recommend repeating it often since these holders are unlikely meant for it.

There is one more minus: Nokia states that this accessory is easily recognized by the phone and it can count the battery charge in an appropriate way, and so on. But this is not true in reality, at the moment the phone does not recognize the case, it simply does not see it though I have got the latest version of the operating system and all the official Nokia and Windows updates.

But in spite of all the minuses, personally I find this case a real boon for those who often take pictures, because this is the most common reason why people buy Lumia 1020. Besides camera it does not have anything striking, just an average phone by its functions, but its camera is a real masterpiece, the best camera out of all smartphones at the moment. Well, I do recommend this accessory even in spite of minor disadvantages.

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  1. Margul 27 May 2014 :

    I respect this Company and I should say that all their products are of high quality. This model is meant for those who need to have a good camera. Is it convenient to use it as an ordinary mobile phone?

  2. Buss 03 June 2014 :

    A couple of weeks ago I have bought the same phone because I like its shape and I heard that its functions are really great. I should say that it is very convenient to use it as an ordinary phone because it has all the necessary functions and just in addition it has a great camera.

  3. opra 17 June 2014 :

    My friend has the same phone and she told me that the operating system Windows works not very good. Is it ok with your phones?

  4. Qiwi 24 June 2014 :

    My phone works great. I often browse the internet and it works pretty fast. I am absolutely satisfied with it. Maybe your friend should check her phone on the presence of viruses?

  5. Opra 27 June 2014 :

    Maybe you are right. I`ll tell her and I hope that everything will work better.

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