Only owners of problematic and greasy skin will notice advantages, but the soap is incredibly overpriced

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product : Silver Soap Cor
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Date: 2014-02-19

In many ways I aim at simplicity. This also concerns my evening washing procedure. In summer I especially don’t like to use creams, but as skin after washing sometimes becomes tightened, I, having read about Cor Silver soap “three in one” – soap, cream and toner, and in spite of high price of this product (the cost of a piece, which you see on the photo is about 250$), decided to buy it and ordered it in online shop. By getting this miracle-soap I was impressed with the package and the set of instruction-brochures. Round, pressed in from one side soap is packed in polyethylene film and put into the transparent little box that can also be used as a soap-dish, though not very convenient. The soap itself is semi-transparent (holding it reminds me of glycerin factory soap), with rather intense apple fragrance.

Foam of Cor Silver soap is quite rich, in hands soaps up well. First time using it, having read a lot of reviews in the Internet, I decided to leave soap foam on my face for 5 minutes (the producer recommends to leave the foam on face for 1-2 minutes). In about 3 minutes the skin began to pinch well from time to time, and I washed the foam off with water. No miracle happened. The skin after washing is tightened as much as after using any other soap. To be honest, it’s written that some time later the skin adapts and is accustomed to that – unfortunately, it didn’t happen to me. The complexion hasn’t changed as well, and the skin hasn’t evened out. Pores in T-zone have narrowed and became less noticeable. There is such feeling that the soap has acids in its consistence and possesses light peeling effect. It smells nice, cleans the skin well. I think, this soap will especially be appropriate for owners of problematic, greasy skin – after using it the producer recommends not to use additional care means (cream, toner) – actually, the soap, which is itself the whole one-step skin-care complex, performs all these functions. But owners of normal, and moreover, dry skin won’t get enough care only from the soap.

My husband also tried to use this soap for several weeks as he has very greasy skin and slightly another impression of this soap. At first he applied it to his face for 5 minutes, after which he washed it off, and the face became red and fairly speaking burned a lot, like after acid peeling, in half an hour the burning went by, and the redness was gone by the morning. After which we made a conclusion that we shouldn’t keep it on face more than 2 minutes. He also didn’t use any toners and creams after the soap, as the maker recommends, but the skin was peeling off at once, there wasn’t normal amount of Ph in it and the skin demanded for a tonic. Three weeks later, the situation hasn’t changed; his greasy skin didn’t get accustomed to it and was peeling off the same way without using means of reducing Ph of skin. The only positive effect that he noticed and which was very well-seen on his face was shown in such way that pores on the nose and the area around it were no longer filled up with skin fat and be with blackheads all the time, they cleared and this moment pleased us very much. He ranked peeling effect sooner to positive; anyway it still renews the skin. He didn’t note more positive aspects.

And another not very pleasant surprise – in many reviews and on websites of Cor soap sellers it is claimed that the soap is extremely economic in its use. I can’t agree with that – it is consumed the same way, as any other soap. You just won’t wash your body or hands using such soap, and for washing face it is certainly consumed less, but I’ve been using the soap for a month, and it has already noticeably decreased in size.

Making conclusion I can tell that this experience was interesting, but I won’t buy this soap for a second time.

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  1. Kelly 30 April 2014 :

    I can`t understand people who buy expensive soap. In my opinion all the soaps are similar and you don`t need to pay more unless it has some specific qualities or natural ingredients. What is the point?

  2. Oggi 07 May 2014 :

    Well, to my mind the point is that soap which has low price consequently has a lot of chemicals which are harmful for skin, while expensive soap doesn`t contain such ingredients.

  3. Perl 15 May 2014 :

    I can`t agree with this fact because there is no guarantee that expensive soap has no chemicals. Handmade soap is the only soap you can be sure of.

  4. Lolo 27 May 2014 :

    Some soaps can have higher price because they contain some special essential oils and fragrances (which are not cheap by the way.)

  5. Rianna H 03 June 2014 :

    I have very oily skin and once I have been using this soap for about a month. I haven`t noticed any effect. It is just a usual soap. Maybe we are paying for the brand?

  6. Uma 05 June 2014 :

    I guess that we are definitely paying for the famous brand. If soap has a really high quality I am ready to pay high price but in case if it is an ordinary product I am sure that there is no need to buy it.

  7. SF 13 June 2014 :

    The problem of this question is that it is impossible to buy good cheap product. I guess that there is a certain correspondence between the quality and the price.

  8. Esty 14 June 2014 :

    Of course, nobody wants to pay more but natural ingredients and fragrances of high quality are expensive that is why sometimes it is impossible to buy good product for a penny.

  9. viki 17 June 2014 :

    I guess that health is the most important thing that is why we should try to choose the products that are safe for us.

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