Essentials Garnier day anti-wrinkle cream

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Customer reviews: Essentials Garnier day anti-wrinkle cream

Moistening and anti-aging effect in the non-stop mode

Author: Marynap1y     Date: 2014-02-19
Author´s opinion:
Every morning I dedicate some time to my skin and face care. One day I decided to try the Essentials day anti-wrinkle cream. I appreciated the presence of simple and universal vitamin E that protects our skin from negative impact of the environment. As for the herbal complex, it favored the complexion graduation, which is to the point in case of uneven tan. I felt the moistening effect as soon as I first spread the cream, what is more, the skin didn’t peel and become dry during the whole day. I use this cream as a make-up base, as it gets absorbed quickly and it interacts well with other cosmetics. Moreover, it’s economical ...