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Date: 2014-02-27

I have recently assembled mini-ITX computer as a minor assisting machine in my work. I had a limited budget for this purpose, in addition TDP had to be rather low. Firstly, the electricity utilities are expensive here. Secondly, cooling in a smaller box is anyway worse than in standard ATX. Thus, the processors with a high heat emission were not suitable.

With a limited budget one should aim at AMD products because in their processors they already have in-built video unit that is fast enough unlike Intel’s. Actually the processor power was not the criteria in choosing because I did not need any high-powered thing. The main purpose of the computer was my work, no games, so the processor should have been corresponding. I had no need in video card because there is little sense in it when computer is meant for work. It was another argument for AMD with a good GPU. I have already been using Intel GPU and I knew that the picture quality would be worse than at the discrete video card. I did not know about AMD GPU but I decided in case I did not like it too much I would always have opportunity to buy some cheap video card in addition. But I got to like both the AMD picture quality and speed very much. So no additional video card was needed.

The processor’s TDP is 65 W at the same level with Intel. The basic frequency is 3.7 GHz if necessary it may be higher up to 4.3 GHz. If to compare the operating speed Intel is faster for sure. But in reality even the games do not demand operating speed already. On the profile portals the test results show that the processor influences the operating speed in game only to 1-3%, it is nothing. So buying a computer for games I would save money on the processor to buy more powerful video card instead. Though Intel is faster and more feasible practically I do not see any point in these.
I must say that GPU processor is enough for all working tasks: the Microsoft runs well, as always a number of programs run simultaneously, 3 browsers (with 30-40 inlays open in each) and so on. I do not face any problem or slowing down in work: the processor fulfills its function properly. There are no problems with Photoshop either.

The only minus of this processor is its noisy default cooler. Get rid of it instantly! That cooler produced so much noise that distracted me from work. I have changed it to some 4-dollar cooler by Deep Cool and the silence came into my room. But once again, Intel has the same trouble because they all have poor box coolers. Besides it I have no more complaints. I consider the price of 160$ for this processor is worthy.

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