How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear


How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear?

St. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. It is considered the lovers’ day. There are many legends concerning this holiday. This day is said to be called after the priest Valentine who married two lovers whose parents were against their marriage and prohibited them to be together. After the fact that the priest helped this couple he was executed. The action of this priest gave rise not only to respect among people but also the desire to place his name on record and call the day – St. Valentine’s Day – the day of lovers.However, by convention not only lovers send Valentine greetings to each other but also the colleagues and friends. St. Valentine’s Day is a good occasion to pay attention to nice people around you. Don’t be shy just to send your compliments to each other; you don’t need to be afraid of expressing your feelings. This article is for paint-lovers and for those who wish to paint a Valentine greeting card or a poster.

You´ll need

  • Water-colors or gouache
  • Whatman paper, thick paper
  • Eraser
  • An ordinary pencil
  • Set of paint brushes of different sizes
  • A water container
  • Palette
  • The colors we use: brown – light and dark (sepia and Marsyas brown), scarlet, pink and blue.


  • How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear?

    Let’s imagine the head and the body of our bear as circles and draw them on the paper.

  • How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear?

    Now let’s draw bear’s muzzle. The nose and jaw area we draw as a heart turned upside down. Also we draw a small oval inside this “heart” which will be the nose. Ears can be drawn in the shape of a half circle; eyes you can draw either like two small circles or two small ovals. As you can see, I preferred to put the ovals. You shouldn’t draw the bear’s arms too carefully; just show that he is sitting and holding the heart. Start surrounding the bear with hearts.

  • How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear?

    Let’s get down to the colors. Dilute Marsays brown with water on the palette until it becomes very pale and paint out the bear. Wait until the color dries up for the next step. If you don’t wait the probability of spoiling your previous efforts becomes very high because the color can get smeared.

  • How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear?

    Let’s paint out the hearts scarlet. It seemed to me that it was not enough of hearts which I had previously drawn and I decided to add some more of them. In order to add more hearts to this picture you may use the color right away, without drawing them. When the hearts are painted red you have to wait until they dry out again.

  • How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear?

    It’s time to begin with our bear’s fur. The fur we’ll make with brown vertical lines; the lines shouldn’t be perfectly straight and in a row. There should be a creative mess in your lines and they shouldn’t be too straight. Give a look at this picture it’s an extended variant of the way the fur should be made.

  • How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear?

    I suggest starting to make the lines for the fur from the muzzle and then going on with the whole bear. The nose and jaw area (the heart turned upside down) leave untouched.

  • How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear?

    This is how the bear looks like when we have almost finished the work with the fur.

  • How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear?

    I suggest putting shades on the fur to show that the right arm is closer to us and the body with the left arm and the leg are further. For this take sepia (dark brown) and – like on the previous steps – put vertical dot-like lines to make the fur darker especially near arms. If you find it difficult to understand you can just compare steps 7 and 8 and you’ll see the difference.

  • How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear?

    I suggest making a picture border like in the cartoons; take dark brown and run the contour of the bear. As our bear has fur, make it with small vertical lines. Also paint out bear’s nose and eyes.

  • How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear?

    This is how our bear looks like; now take pink and run the contour of the hearts. The hearts seemed to lack something, so I decided not only to run the contour with pink but also to take a bigger brush, get some pink and paint new hearts right inside the ones I already had (give a look at the hearts on the left).

  • How to draw a Cute Valentine Bear?

    The picture can be considered completed. And now I suggest two variants: you can leave it as it is; or you can wait until it dries up then take a thin brush, get some blue color and paint the wings. The wings you can draw and then run them with the brush and color, but it’s not necessary. It’s just how I did it. This is how my completed work looks like.


  • I would like to draw your attention to some points in this work. At some steps I highly recommend to wait until the picture dries up, otherwise you can spoil everything.
  • For those who are not confident in their abilities and afraid of spoiling everything I wouldn’t advise to paint the wings at the end.
  • Don’t press your pencil while sketching otherwise it will be very difficult to paint it out.
  • Don’t use office paper while painting because it’s too thin for the activities like these.

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  1. Juli 02 June 2014 :

    It is a nice idea of St. Valentine`s post card. It is always so pleasant to make such things for your beloved. I guess that I am the one who is unable to paint the wings!))

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