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Date: 2014-02-08

So we needed a meat grinder, we had one before, not bad, BOSCH, German, but efficiently weak. This time I decided to find a powerful model, preferably cheap. As it should be cheap, big brands are out of the way. That’s fine, in the end there was a choice between Chinese models (which were developed in China as well) and this First Austria. I chose the latter; this brand is Austrian, naturally it only deals with development; order is executed by the Chinese. Price was even lower than on the Chinese models – $70, why is that – I have no idea.

Capacity is 1800 Watt, there wasn’t more powerful for a good price. It has very strange name – Igor, so we laughed about it and named it Igor. One of the advantages is metal plug, it was important, because all the bad models have plastic one which goes bad in no time, and metal will work forever. Disks through which meat is rolled are metal as well. There is also a reverse option, that’s nice. There is also a kind of a “reload” button. There are a lot of attachments for making all kinds of mince, including home sausages of different size in the package.

Power cable is providently hidden in the rear compartment, which can be fully closed. Disks and attachments are in the upper closing compartment, very nice as well. Meat grinder is put together for 10 seconds; there is nothing to scratch head over.

Now comes the most important thing. In comparison with 1500 Watt Bosch, this meat grinder is just a powerful monster; it rolls the same amount of meat for 1 minute as Bosch does for 10 minutes. For example, we use 3-4 kg of meat when we make mince, the grinder processes this amount for 1 minute, it was shocking for us to see that it literally “chews” meat like butter. It is a very positive moment; it lets us save 10 minutes, which we will find how to spend. But there is one negative thing; surely it cannot be all super-duper for $70.

This meat grinder makes a lot of noise during work, not just noise, it roars like a plane on takeoff. Noise is much higher than comfort level, approximately 5 times louder than a vacuum cleaner. Surely it is a minus, but it is not so hard to tolerate 1 minute; I think it is not a problem for any other man, of course if you are not going to roll 30 kg at once. So I highly recommend this model for purchase, all the more so for this ridiculous price.

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  1. Esty 29 June 2014 :

    I haven`t heard about this brand anything. The fact that it roars disappointed me because I have a small baby and when he sleeps I am trying t cook something. Is this grinder heavy?

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