Bosch x30Ti drills in set

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Customer reviews: Bosch x30Ti drills in set

Excellent set of German drills, but you need to pay for high quality

Author: Sylvestercjx     Date: 2014-02-27
Author´s opinion:
Every man should have a definite set of instruments at home, so-to-say a minimum required. As far as I can understand, drills is the part of this minimum as well. And you know you need borers for the drill. I have bought drill of Bosch company, though earlier I used to have Ryobi, surely Bosch is like heaven and earth compared to it. So not thinking much I decided I should also take borers of Bosch. I don’t often use drill, so one purchase of expensive borers won’t strain me much. I chose the set consisting of 30 objects, besides, which are put in very comfortable, hard case. There are borers of diameter from 1.5 to 8 mm in ...