Black Raspberry Eye Cream, Skin Food

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Customer reviews: Black Raspberry Eye Cream, Skin Food

I couldn’t use it because of smell

Author: Tana     Date: 2014-02-19
Author´s opinion:
It turned out that I ordered a jar of this cream at once, without any probe. Usually I try not to do so, that here I was charmed by magnificent annotation and good reviews. This cream is presented by makers almost like medical, which has essences of 12 different medical herbs rejuvenating skin and the extract of black raspberry (perhaps blackberry), whom the cream owes its name. The cream doesn’t belong to cheap, 0.88oz (25g) cost a little more than 30$. It is clear that you are expecting for a suitable result. It has very nice glass jar, cute cardboard lid. The cream is of very tender consistence, something average ...