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Medication:   OcuMax Lutein
Category:   Eye Diseases
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Date: 2014-02-27

I have very low twilight vision, so I have bought this drug as precautions without any particular hope that mesopic vision can be improved at all. I know that you should take A+D+E vitamins altogether, but there is exactly no positive effect on mesopic vision. This drug doesn’t look supernatural, is cheap, around 10-12$. It has Lutein, bilberry extract and also some other plant, and Zeaxanthin as well. Zeaxanthin is oxy carotenoid, which prevents formation of peroxides. About a half of Zeaxanthin is transformed into A vitamin, which makes for production of chromatophore. This is it, the important element, which is responsible for light sensitivity of the retina. Besides that, this element protects the lens from cataract and age-related changes on the whole, and it filters phototoxic blue and ultraviolet colors. Within a month after having used this drug, my twilight vision has improved; I won’t boast that it’s ideal, but better than it used to be, so I am pleased with the drug. Honestly speaking, after some time after I’ve finished using it, everything comes back as it used to be. But basically you can take it once per 3-4 months and I think so to keep the cure rate, which you’ve managed to achieve. All in all, I may recommend getting this drug. Even though, it hasn’t affected my day vision (not twilight one), as it has been the same as it used to be.

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Active ingredients:

  1. Lutein
  2. Bilberry extract
  3. Zeaxanthin

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  1. Amelia 20 May 2014 :

    I guess that drugs are useless for vision. To my mind eye drops are much better because they influence your eyes only while pills can affect some other organs in a certain way.

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