Adidas Extra Fresh, shower gel and shampoo

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Customer reviews: Adidas Extra Fresh, shower gel and shampoo

Trendy, expensive…but wasteful

Author: Amit     Date: 2014-02-08
Author´s opinion:
Adidas Shower Gel is for sure very good means but to my mind it is absolutely unsiutable for everyday use. It seems, 3in1 means very convinient and pays the price but this is not the deal, a real experience proves the opposite. I noticed that the cleaner of a wide range of applications runs out much sooner than the shampoo, face washer and shower gel bought as separate items. It is a strange thruth: we do wash our face much more often than our hair. That is why it would be much more reasonable to buy three separate bottles than this one. It may sound rediculous but in additon it turns out cheaper! Adidas 3in1 would be very ...