Whitening Lacalut White toothpaste

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Customer reviews: Whitening Lacalut White toothpaste

Doesn’t whiten teeth, only removes coffee film

Author: Pello     Date: 2014-01-10
Author´s opinion:
Generally speaking I respect the products of Lacalut Company, as it is most often made directly in Germany, for me personally it is very important point. You can call this toothpaste whitening only by convention. It probably can help if you have dental deposit from coffee or cigarettes. However, if you naturally have yellow teeth, i.e enamel of yellowish shade, you can’t do anything with that with the help of toothpaste. There is no toothpaste that could change enamel’s color; it could be done only with the help of dental whitening teeth methods. This toothpaste has well pronounced, but traditional Lacalut taste, ...