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  1. Composite of homeopathic substances

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Prescription required No
Attention decrement No
Alcohol tolerance Yes
Is this a supplement No

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  1. Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH
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Doesn’t work as the rest of homeopathy

Author: Gluk     Date: 2014-01-15
Author´s opinion:
I should say at once that I negatively behave towards homeopathy, so the review is going to be appropriate. This drug was prescribed to me by a doctor for treatment of dizziness, but it was an additional one, there was also lack of real medicines in the list. The doctor insisted that it’s a great homeopathic drug. As it was very cheap I bought it to the heap. It is fair to say that other medicines didn’t help me as well, and I’m speaking about real drugs. Only massage and physio helped. And accordingly this homeopathic Vertigoheel also didn't help. I took it along with other medicines, so it is difficult to talk about the ...