The lens is gorgeous, if we don’t mention that it is a fixed-focus lens

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Date: 2014-01-10

As I like macrophotography, I decided to buy for my camera Nikon D3200 a lens for macrophotography. I was choosing for a long time and chose the most classical and universally recognized variant of Sigma’s golden series with a fixed focusing range of 105 mm (4,13 inches).

When I bought it, the price was about $1400, if I am not mistaken, and my camera cost about $500-$600, so the choosing of lens was a responsible deed for me. Fortunately, there were a lot of overviews and opinions about this Sigma’s lens, so I could estimate it before buying.

Let’s start from cons, maybe. The lens if manufactured very accurately and carefully. The golden Sigma series are worth to be respected. I have had bad experience with regular series. The focusing ring slides smoothly, straightly and without any problems. The lens itself is felt like a good of high quality. In the kit there were some adapters for cameras with crop-factor and lens hoods. However, I have never used them, to say honestly. The secure small strap was added.

The quality of photos is the highest, it even not worth to be mentioned. High lens speed allows making photos in the bad illumination. The stabilizer is also good; I can’t say anything bad about it. The amount of jams appeared on photos is minimal, if we compare the result with one of the lenses I had used before. The colours are also rich; the colour rendition is perfect at all in my opinion. My camera detected the white balance with this lens rather accurately.

The focusing speed is average, I can’t say it is slow, I think it is about 0,5-1 seconds. I consider it as a good result for a macrophotography lens; however, it could be better, as it is a prime lens.

As for the cons, I can say about the bulkiness of the lens. Its weight is also very serious. If you have a big camera, I hope you have strong arms. As for me, I got tired very quickly running with it through the forest looking for a good shot.

To the beginners in macrography liking I can say that the prime lens is not very comfortable. Yes, it is very sharp, but there are some lenses with an adjustable focusing range with of same lens speed and of about same sharpness, for example, Nikkor F2.8 17-55. It will allow you to make as good macrography as this lens; however, with Nikkor you will be able to shoot anything else except macroghraphy. The result will be a little bit worse, of course. With this lens (Sigma) you are able to shoot only macrography; I’ve tried to shoot any other scene, but there were no result.

Secondly, if you shoot macrography in field conditions, in the field, forest or somewhere else, you usually shoot bugs or something movable and alive too. So, you will have to run with this lens for a very long time, as it is a prime lens, so if a bug runs – you also have to run or you will lose the proper angle. I understood it when I bought the lens; however, as there were no prime lenses, I was very surprised with the fact that it is very tiresome not to be able to adjust the focusing range. I had to move my body constantly to strike a proper attitude, hold my breath, lean my hands against my chest, for the stabilizer on ISO100 to present you with a picture of a high quality. So, you cannot do it with a prime lens if you shoot a movable aim. In general it was hard and tiresome, so I decided to sell this lens.

However, there wasn’t any claims concerning this lens, it more likely they appear concerning the expectations, so don’t cherish illusions concerning this lens. If it is possible, try to use any prime lens before buying so you can understand if you need it at all. I have made a conclusion that the minimal comfort without any lens power loses is needed. So my new lens will have a power of F2.8 and it will be adjustable in focusing range in a little diapason.

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  1. Kelly 18 August 2014 :

    The choice of lens is serious problem for professional photographers. As an amateur I can say that I am satisfied with it. How long have you been using it?

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