The lens is bad; I do not recommend buying it for such money

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Date: 2014-01-10

I used to own Nikon D3200 camera with a kit lens, which was very bad, I mean lens was. It is expected, as everything in kit cannot be good. I have sold the kit lens fast and decided to buy something more all-purpose. I regret it very much. A new 18-200 lens from Sigma appeared to be more all-purpose. It was the second version of this lens, which had been even granted with something in 2012 for the quality, however, there were not any reviews or examples of photos in 2013.

After thinking too much I’d decided to buy it for $600. By the way, the price was higher than the camera’s price. When I was buying it I thought that the focal distance of 18-200 will be enough for any need. However, the disappointments began to appear from the beginning.

Let’s start with the fact that this lens is not of the golden Sigma series, it was made in Thailand with all the ensuing consequences. The focusing ring doesn’t slide very accurately, it slides jerkily. It is impossible to gain a high accuracy focusing. The setting units are too large; however they have to be insensible. Well, to slide a focusing ring you have to use different power in different places. It is a total disaster; no one should produce such lens.

The original lens cup is without an eye for the lace. It is not a big deal, but is still unpleasant. I had to change the cup after losing an original one.

There is a Lock button for the fixation of the lens in the position you need, but is works only in one position, when the lens is fully closed, in the position of the minimal focusing range.
The lens has a stabilizer, and it is the only thing that I cannot be angry with. It works accurate and predictably. You can also switch the automatic or manual shooting with the button situated on the lens.

Well, let’s talk about the essence. The lens is dark. Of course, I understand, the aperture is F3.5-6.3, however it isn’t spread on the whole focusing range practically. I think F3.5 has to be closer to 18 mm (0,7 inches), and when it is about 50 mm (1,96 inches) and more, you have to use F6. In general photos were too dark, and the camera itself is not in blame, so the problem was in the Sigma lens itself. The compensation in lens speed of exposure is rather good, but I wasn’t be able to choose the proper compensation at once, as a result the photos were under-timed or above-timed. I am talking about Automatic and P scenes, of course, those in which the camera chooses the diaphragm setting automatically.

The quality of photos also leaves much to be desired, there are a lot of jams, “barrel” type warps are huge and can be seen with a naked eye. There are too many jams really, if we compare the result with one of the kit lens 18-55, the amount of jams will be same. However, the kit lens misrepresents the picture on the sides, so it is much worse. I am talking about the jams on the ISO100, of course.

The auto focusing speed is the last think that “killed” me and made me sell this lens. The speed is lousy; the focusing takes 1-5 seconds. Just think about it and forget about good scenes and photos. During the time of using it grated on my nerves very much. Imagine, you see a good frame, you get you camera and wait until the auto focusing finishes its sad and slow job. As a result you have nothing to shoot. Of course, I am talking about action scenes. However, there are some problems with static scenes too. It cannot work in one time form five or ten. I cannot guess the origins of this problem, but it will get you some troubles, be sure.

In general the lens is a total trash, concerning the quality of manufacturing and the quality of photos. Is doesn’t cost its $600, even if it is a little bit cheaper now. In any case, don’t buy it, you will not get any all-purposeless, but many troubles.

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  1. Victor 20 August 2014 :

    High price doesn`t mean that that the lens will be of high quality. I know it from my own experience. When choosing it you should carefully consider all the necessary options. Who knows, maybe a cheaper one will be better.

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