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Date: 2014-01-19

I sorted out toothbrushes for a long time, until I found the one that fits me and is convenient for me 100%, it wasn’t easy. I tried many modern toothbrushes with rubberized parts, and I didn’t like any. They hitch up teeth in troublesome way, once I pulled out the filling with such tooth-brush and since then I haven’t tried them, though I used to buy products of notable producers.

I used to buy tooth-brushes with natural bristles, porcine, it turned out to be a crap as it doesn’t clean teeth earnestly. The toothpaste doesn’t foam at all, I tormented myself with it and threw it away after having used for several times.

Common tooth-brushes turned out to be the best option, as I stick to the opinion that I’ll look them over and further tried to sort out the one that will absolutely be right for me. And I found it, this was even not a specific tooth-brush, but the type of tooth-brushes with pointed tips of bristles. The point is that sharp bristles clean interdental space better. It’s logically, as sharp tip may penetrate much deeper between teeth than a common – blunt one. The gum isn’t damaged by that, it is an important moment for those who have them bleed.

As for the rest, this tooth-brush is common, with rubberized ergonomical handle, with no complaints, everything is comfortable and I’m satisfied. I highly recommend trying such type of tooth-brushes, not necessarily Jordan, as any producer will be right for, if only tips of bristles are sharpened.

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