Shower gel with shea oil Skin Food

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Customer reviews: Shower gel with shea oil Skin Food

It’s an excellent aid for dry skin, but for the smell

Author: Kalina     Date: 2014-01-23
Author´s opinion:
I’ve already used and tested the Skin Food cosmetics which is a famous Korean brand. Their creams, scrubs and refinishers are just perfect, but not their smell: it can be very agreeable, but sometimes you have no idea of what it may be. It is the same with the shower gel with shea oil, I’ve recently tested its sample. There was enough gel in small packaging to use for three times (!), so now I can express my opinion about it. It’s a nice gel-ream with a tender consistence, it is easily spread and it foams well. As a result, you have clean, soft and moistened skin. Winter is coming on, and my skin suffers from “winter ...