Body scrub Thalasso scrub illuminant, Geomar

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Customer reviews: Body scrub Thalasso scrub illuminant, Geomar

It’s not really anti cellulite

Author: Lira     Date: 2014-01-09
Author´s opinion:
Cellulite is quite a widespread problem that concerns the majority of women. Geomar is the anti cellulite cosmetic line that immediately attracts you with its bright packaging and reasonable prices. I had been using the scrub for quite a long time (about 2 months) and I didn’t notice any considerable changes, neither positive nor negative ones. First I’d like to tell about the positive sides that I’ve appreciated at once. I loved the flavor, it’s rather discreet, though it includes the lemon extract. The scrub also consists of the Dead Sea salts that make your problem areas look younger by making them more ...