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Date: 2014-01-27

I used to order after shave gel L’Oreal Turbo Booster for myself. I used to buy it in approved online shop, as I go to common department stores rather seldom. And the advantage of such purchase is also that you may explore the information on goods you’re interested in before payment. The gel cost me more than 15 $ that is far more expensive than majority of Arko or Gillette from the line of facial skin care.

On the whole, probably I even won’t be able to recollect all the properties of this “wonderful product”, on which the producer insists in description on the package and dealers on their web-pages. If briefly, due to taurine and C vitamin in the composition, this gel is to restore skin after shaving in some miraculous way, relieve from stress, and add energy and many other things. Probably, I haven’t noticed anything, or on account of some personal physiological features of the skin I’m not susceptible to its action, but the majority of these statements seem a crap to me.

As an ordinary after shave gel, Turbo Booster perfectly fulfills its task (it removes irritation and reddening, moisturizes and softens face skin well), but no more than that. I wouldn’t recommend this thing for constant use, but if someone who has spare money on such naughtiness wants, he may try. Perhaps, it will have a better affect on you than on me.

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  1. Martin 04 July 2014 :

    I used the same after shaving gel and I am surprised to know that you didn`t like it. Maybe it is not perfect but it absolutely corresponds to its price. Didn`t you like the fact that it removes irritation very fast?

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