Nutri-Gold L’oreal intensive nourishing night cream

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Customer reviews: Nutri-Gold L’oreal intensive nourishing night cream

Perceptible night care

Author: Magnolia     Date: 2014-01-27
Author´s opinion:
I treat the creams and masks I spread over my face and neck with great attention. Feeling the need of a night cream, I spent much time choosing the one among the accessible creams. The L’oreal cosmetics has already won my heart, that’s why I’ve made up my mind to purchase the intensive nourishing night cream including Pro-Calcium, a biologically active substance. I spread the cream an hour before going to bed, and I immediately felt the nice flavor of essential oils that not only nourished my skin, but also favorably influenced my sleep, as it was mentioned in the leaflet. I also enjoyed the fact that the cream got ...