Anti-cellulite gel cream Nivea Q-10 plus

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Customer reviews: Anti-cellulite gel cream Nivea Q-10 plus

It is effective only if combined with massage

Author: Klara     Date: 2014-01-10
Author´s opinion:
The Nivea Q-10 plus anti cellulite gel cream is quiet a good way to neutralize the insignificant signs of cellulite, but I wouldn’t recommend everyone to buy it. The manufacturer claims that the cream is able to fight against any type of cellulite quickly and effectively, without any additional massages and treatments. He also assures that the gel cream consists of active L-Carnitin component that facilitates the lipid metabolism. The cream cools the skin but at the same time it stimulates blood circulation. I bought this cream about two weeks ago just to test it, my husband and I had been planning to go on ...