Nikon D3200 reflex camera

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Customer reviews: Nikon D3200 reflex camera

It definitely worth its money, but there is too much incidental cost

Author: Algis     Date: 2014-01-10
Author´s opinion:
I have been using this camera for 1 year already, so I think I can write a truthful overview. I had bought this camera just after its presentation, today the price is different, but in general it is very cheap as it a camera of entry level, for beginners. However it has a fascinating sensor of ASP-C size, for 24 megapixels. I will not describe the body and ergonomics; let’s talk about pros and cons of this camera. Pros: - A powerful image sensor for such cheap camera. - A built-in electronic flash, which is an advantage, as the majority of cameras doesn’t have it allowing to plug-in only an external flash. - ...