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Date: 2014-01-23

The fact that a bamboo textile is a perfect alternative to cotton I have heard long time ago. It was discovered by the Japanese, and as it is said they won’t invent anything bad. Producers of articles made of bamboo usually claim that bamboo better than cotton absorbs moisture is air skipping, and is bactericidal and ecologically friendly material.

But I didn’t hurry to buy things made of bamboo: why should I make experiments if cotton exists or at worst – more usual rayon. Meanwhile I was presented a double bamboo bathrobe, and I liked it or not had to become acquainted with this material closely. The look of the bathrobe is seen on photo 1, I’ll describe my impressions.

The bathrobe, as it is written in advert, is very soft by touch, in comparison with cotton one it seems softer and silkier, reminding me rayon in something. The double is a bit shorter on the outside; inside it’s slightly longer. Everything would be ok, but at once it seemed heavy to me. I didn’t weigh it, but it is noticeably heavier than similar bathrobe made of cotton and particularly heavier than synthetic double polyester bathrobes. Basically, I got used to its weight and now I already don’t notice it, but my Mum for example refused to wear the same kind of bathrobe because of that. This is one drawback, and the second followed me right after it.

Although the bathrobe was in a package, I felt some additional smell. Perhaps it was the smell of a storehouse where it was kept. So the first thing I did was that I washed the bathrobe; I washed it like cotton at 40 degrees, dried it on 800 rpm. The fiber doesn’t fade, doesn’t contract or change its form, but the second unpleasant surprise – it gets dry very long. Even after such drying. It was cool in the flat; the bathrobe was drying for two days and completely got dried on a heater.

As for the rest, my impressions about bathrobe are only good: it’s comfortable, well-sewn, with spacious pockets. It absorbs moisture really great, saves heat well. By that there is a feeling that it is breathable.

All in all, the bathrobe is good, but it seemed to me that a bamboo textile is better than cotton in something. By cost it is comparable (60$), by quality – also. Except that it is more pleasant by touch. Under other equal conditions I still give my preference to cotton.

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