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Date: 2014-01-10

I have been using this camera for 1 year already, so I think I can write a truthful overview. I had bought this camera just after its presentation, today the price is different, but in general it is very cheap as it a camera of entry level, for beginners. However it has a fascinating sensor of ASP-C size, for 24 megapixels. I will not describe the body and ergonomics; let’s talk about pros and cons of this camera.

– A powerful image sensor for such cheap camera.
– A built-in electronic flash, which is an advantage, as the majority of cameras doesn’t have it allowing to plug-in only an external flash.
– Infallible hard body made of wear-resistant materials and assembled in an accurate way.
– The great variety of lenses and accessories, all standard Nikon “features” can do for this camera; even many “features” of other companies are also good for it.
– There is a detailed guide for beginners and a lot of automatically set up scenes.

– The camera is heavy. Of course, every reflex camera is, but is a con anyway. The producer says there is a magnesium alloy, slimmed-down racks, but it is still heavy to carry.
– A kit lens is a total trash. You should throw it away at once or even not buy the camera with it. It doesn’t let you to reveal the potential of the sensor; it reveals only 30% of its skills. You have to buy an expensive lens, which is about 4 times more expensive than the camera itself. This lens with the 24-megapixel sensor will make you happy. However it is a great disadvantage: you have to be ready for this incidental cost.
– The screen does not have tenability, for me it is a great source of discomfort. The screen itself is not of great quality, the density of pixels is rather low, as the contrast is. However, it is a problem of every competitor’s camera. Every barely acceptable smartphone has a better screen.
– The set up menu is not very reasonable, there are some small faults, for example, an absence of the action memorizing function. For example, you have set up a shooting with 2 seconds hold, you have made a photo and for another one you have to set up the option again, the camera discharges it on default.
– The battery cannot survive more than 50 or 60 photos without flash and about 30 photos with flash. The producer lies that the battery can work until some hundreds of photos are shot. I had to buy the second battery as it is impossible to work with only one.
– I have bought a remote control of Nikon production, and it works awfully, as the camera catches the signal only from the front, nothing is caught when you stand behind it, and I had to stay exactly behind the camera on a little distance.
– It often makes mistakes in white balance, turns to dark colors. Maybe it is a problem of the lens, not a camera’s one, however, I am sick and tired of it now.
– The navigation panel is not comfortable, if we compare it with ones the same cameras of Canon have. I have had Canon reflex cameras, but I changed them to Nikon for the lower price. That’s why I can say that Canon has a little bit more comfortable menu and the control buttons are considered better.
– Don’t buy this camera by no means if you don’t have enough money for a normal lens, as Nikkor F2-8 18-55, which costs about $2000. The camera itself costs about $500 now, but without a powerful lens you will not be able to reveal the whole potential of the sensor and use all functions of the camera, which are just wonderful for such cheap camera. If you can buy an expensive lens, you should buy this camera. I couldn’t afford such lens, so I had bought an all-purpose lens for $600, however it is still lousy, if you compare it, for example, with the lens of the golden Sigma series, which can show everything this camera can do. I have checked it personally, with cheap lenses this camera is a money wasting, don’t repeat my mistake.

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  1. Kelly 18 August 2014 :

    I am surprised that you didn`t like it. I have the same one and I have been using it for two years until my son broke it. Maybe the problem is in settings?

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