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Medication:   Essentiale forte N
Category:   Hepatitis
Author´s opinion:
Date: 2014-01-15

Essentiale – is not new drug at all. The fact, that it has been used in liver therapy for many years speaks louder than any words about its efficiency. I have chronic liver illness, so at least once a year I take his course. The basis of the drug is – soy phospholipids, they actually reestablish liver cells. Essentiale is indispensable when you have cirrhosis, alcoholic liver injuries. My friend took this preparation while she was pregnant – it also helped to reduce nausea during gestational toxicosis.

Usually I take cholagogic substances for several days before having the course of Essentiale forte – long time ago the doctor had told me that this way it will be more useful.

The main point is to take this medicine correctly. The common scheme for adults is – 2 pills 3 times a day within 3 months, then a pause for month and repetitive three-month course. Even after first 3-months course you already feel the difference to the better – the heaviness in right side goes away, the digestion is improved.

Certainly, the drug isn’t cheap, and half-a-year course costs a pretty penny, but will it really be cheaper to buy yourself a new liver? As far as I’m concerned, if you have problems with liver, it’s better not to buy yourself a spare thing or handbag, but to take the pills according to the full plan.

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Active ingredients:

  1. Phospholipids from soybean

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Prescription required Yes
Attention decrement No
Alcohol tolerance No
Is this a supplement No

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  1. Capsules
  2. Injection solution


  1. A.NATTERMANN and Cie. GmbH

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  1. Oggi 28 July 2014 :

    Health is very important and if pills are helping you then it is necessary to find some ways to continue the treatment. Pills of new generation can be not so effective as old ones.

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