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Medication:   Hylo Tear
Category:   Eye Diseases
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Date: 2014-01-27

As I spend most of the time working on a computer, I regularly use moistening eye drops to avoid the Dry eye syndrome. I’ve made up my mind that I like the HyloComod drops the most, because both the composition (hyaluronic acid) and the design suit me. At first the flacon seemed too heavy and unhandy to me, but I’ve got used to it in a couple of times, and now I certainly won’t return to the usual glass-droppers. The flacon lets you dose the drops in a very precise way: 1 press – 1 drop that is always of the same size. You’ll never drop more than needed, which is the case of glass-droppers, and as a result, the consumption is more economical. One flacon is enough for 3 months, which is exactly the storage life of the unpacked bottle.

I feel my eyes refreshed immediately after using these drops. I even took them with me on a business trip, I used them during the flight, as the dryness in the eyes is especially perceptible in a conditioned room. In a whole, I didn’t feel any difference between the Hylo Tear and the HyloComod drops. Both are excellent and they are worth their price.

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  1. Hyaluronic acid

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  1. Bally 08 July 2014 :

    Eye drops is a necessity for those people who work on the computer all day long but it is important to choose the drops that you personally need. Were they prescribed by doctor or you have chosen them by yourself?

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