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Date: 2014-01-19

I have never thought that eyelash curler will be to my taste. I always supposed that only ladies that own terribly thick and long eyelashes, which alias merely close their eyes use it. Funny isn’t it? Me too. But the time came when I had to stop using mascara and stop doing eye-make up at all because of my allergy. And I started thinking how could I “decorate eyes” at least in a minimum way. A friend of mine advised to pay attention to eyelash curler. She showed me her, demonstrated how they worked on herself. And I thought it can be a real way out in my situation. As I love and appreciate my eyes, I didn’t buy Chinese Noname, instead I bought Japanese one Shu Uemura. The instrument is packed into a small box, there are a couple of extra elastics (but I’ve been using the eyelash curler for a second year – and there isn’t any hint at the fact that I should change previous elastics). I use my eyelash curler approximately in a day, sometimes every day. The tweezers are rather heavy, handles don’t dangle, are comfortable to hold in hand. You feel such a reliable good quality; you enjoy taking it in hands. Eyelashes are densely grasped, but eyelid doesn’t pinch and isn’t injured. It doesn’t pull out hair, doesn’t bend eyelash itself. In general, I am very pleased with my purchase, even more saying that I can’t consider the price of the eyelash curler unreasonably high – I was buying them for about 14$, and now I observe its cost in online shops is 20-24$. I think it costs very cheap for such a worthy instrument.

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  1. yummi 07 June 2014 :

    I always thought that eyelash curler is a useless thing. But now I understand that there are some cases when you don`t have time for eye make-up and this thing can be really useful. Doesn`t it damage eye lashes?

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