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I’ve bought this cream upon my friend’s recommendation. She really liked the ylang-ylang for greasy skin, and I’ve purchased the one for sensitive skin for myself.

The balm is packed in a glass jar with thick frosted wall sides – it’s very agreeable to carry, it’s so heavy. In its turn, the jar is packed in a thick cardboard box. Inside there is a precise instruction and a palette knife to dip out the balsam.

The balsam is rather thick, it includes only oils and waxes. There is no aqueous stage at all. That’s why the balsam doesn’t contain preservatives and it actually doesn’t need them. It has a nice texture and the flavor of high-quality essential oils.

And now comes the most important thing – how to use the balsam in the most efficient way. I had tried to spread it differently, but finally I discovered the sequence in which the balsam is perfectly absorbed and it gives your skin the sensation of moistening, not of a greasy pellicle.

The most significant thing about this balsam is the purification, of course. Personally I wash my face with the Shisejdo facial wash, then I spread my everyday toner. Afterwards you should act quickly. When your face is still wet from the toner, take the needed quantity of balsam with the palette knife (a bit more than on the photo), rub it thoroughly in your hands and spread it over the skin. I don’t innuct the balsam over my face, because it’s very thick and I never managed to spread it in a thin layer. However, it is possible to rub it in the hands. And then, sequently pressing your hands to various facial zones, spread the balsam over your face. You will get a very thin layer, what is more, the balsam is perfectly absorbed in the wet skin, and in about 20 minutes you can slightlysponge upyour face with a wipe. Also you can spread different creams, especially the thick ones.

So, don’t hesitate to try this mode, maybe it will be suitable for you, too.

Moreover, the balsam is very economic. In the autumn – winter season I’ve expended a little bit more than a half of the jar, I hope there is enough for the next couple of months. In summer I kept the balsam in the fridge, of course.

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