Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Clarifying Toner

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Customer reviews: Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Clarifying Toner

Very good tonic, but the price doesn’t correspond

Author: Master     Date: 2014-01-19
Author´s opinion:
I’ve bought just another facial tonic, which regulates PH of skin after washing, so that it won’t dry and won’t be peeled off. I especially asked the seller to assort the tonic for me, which doesn’t smell or isn’t sticky or anything else, on the whole water-based one. I was suggested Eucerin tonic, German one. I agreed to take it, though the price was around 20$, as honestly speaking, I think it is over-the-top for tonic of 200 ml volume (6.76 oz). Let’s start with advantages. The tonic really doesn’t have smell or isn’t stick, here is everything like I wanted, such a feeling that you clean face with water. Still the PH ...