How to eat papaya


How to eat papaya

I like trying something new, that is why I have bought a papaya on approval. I was twisting it in my hands for some time having no idea of how to eat this fruit. And, having learnt about the peculiarities of this process, I would like to share them with you.

You´ll need

  • Papaya
  • Knife
  • Teaspoon


  • How to eat papaya

    First of all, you should wash the papaya well, of course.

  • How to eat papaya

    Then cut it in half carefully. It would be better to do it on a planch, as papaya is quite a hard fruit.

  • How to eat papaya

    Remove the black seeds with a teaspoon carefully. Don’t throw them away, you will need them later.

  • How to eat papaya

    Now peel the papaya.

  • How to eat papaya

    It would be more convenient to do having cut the papaya into slices, like a watermelon.

  • How to eat papaya

    You can eat papaya just biting its slices. You can peel it completely, then cut it and add to the fruit salad. It can be poured with the lemon or orange juice or with cream. The papaya is not only delicious, but it is also very useful!

  • How to eat papaya

    The papaya seeds are also edible. Their taste is a bit peppery, but it is not so burning as the black pepper. You can add the papaya seeds in the fresh vegetable salad. They can also be dried and used as spices. I removed the remains of meat carefully, then I washed the seeds and dried them. Now I add them to the fish – it is very tasty, you should try it!


  • When choosing papaya in a shop pay attention to the colour and the softness of the fruit. The peel shouldn’t be completely green, it shouldn’t have any signs of deterioration or damage. The papaya shouldn’t be too hard. If you have already bought an unripe fruit, keep it on the windowsill until it becomes ripe.

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  1. Sally 28 May 2014 :

    Papaya is a very tasty fruit but it should be ripe. Otherwise the taste will be really disgusting and you will receive no pleasure at all.

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