How to eat chocolate correctly


How to eat chocolate correctly

The French say: “Our life is like chocolate, the bitterness helps us estimate the sweetness.” Not many products are worthy of comparison with the human life, aren’t they? Black, milk, white chocolate, chocolate with nuts, marchpane, yogurt, dried apricots, paprika and candied peels… It is even hard to list all sorts of modern chocolate. It said to be very useful: the chocolate nourishes our brain, it improves our mood and makes our heart work better, it slows aging and it even helps lose weight. However, we like chocolate not for its useful qualities, but just for itself. And those who don’t like chocolate, maybe, just can’t eat it properly. Eating chocolate seems to be quiet a simple thing. But it turns out that there are rules helping to estimate chocolate’s taste and to get the ultimate benefit of its consumption.

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  • How to eat chocolate correctly

    The chocolate shouldn’t be kept in the fridge, and, moreover, it shouldn’t be eaten cooled, as the taste of any, even of the best chocolate will be hopelessly spoiled.Chocolate is considered to reveal its taste at the temperature of 20 degrees, that is at the ordinary room temperature.

  • How to eat chocolate correctly

    You shouldn’t eat chocolate on an empty stomach: when you are hungry, you just won’t feel its taste. But experts don’t recommend to eat chocolate immediately after dinner either. The best time for the chocolate consumption is 30-60 minutes after the main meal.

  • How to eat chocolate correctly

    You shouldn’t eat chocolate quickly or chew it. You should better put a piece of it on your mouth and wait until it melts. This way both the taste and the flavor will be better revealed and a much smaller quantity of chocolate will be enough for you.

  • How to eat chocolate correctly

    It is preferable to eat chocolate with different fillings in winter and summer. Chocolate with different kinds of nuts and warming spices will be more suitable in winter, and in summer chocolate with citrus fruit, dried apricots and other refreshing fruit will be to the purpose.

  • How to eat chocolate correctly

    If you fear that chocolate will add you some excess kilos, buy black chocolate with the maximum cocoa content. It is considered to contribute to the weight loss and the decrease of the diet stress.

  • How to eat chocolate correctly

    The last rule is related not only to chocolate but to all the products in your ration. When possible, try to learn more about the brand of the chocolate you prefer, imagine how it is grown and who prepares it. Think that it is made for you specially, and the chocolate will seem more delicious to you then.


  • 1.76 oz (50 g) is considered to be the maximum daily rate of the chocolate consumption. It is also said that the black chocolate is more useful for women and the white one is preferable for men, maybe, because men struggle with the excess weight much more seldom than women.

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