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Category: Heated Blankets
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Date: 2014-01-23

A friend of mine that lives in Sicily gave me the idea to buy an electric heated blanket. The point is that there is no heating in houses and in cool winter months majority of Sicilians use electric blanket.

When choosing a blanket I stopped on Beurer Company. For long time I have been using massagers, scales, all kinds of small electrical appliances of this company, and I have convinced on my own experience that yet no one has ever outstripped German high quality. At online shop, where I bought my Beurer UB 33, it is called heated mattress, in the manual – electric blanket, so I don’t know how to call it right.

I was brought a thin and light mattress of a size 150cm to 80cm at the bottom – fleece, at the top – cotton. Essentially, it doesn’t replace real mattress, but is put between the main mattress and bed sheet, and the flex with remote control, which is turned on into a socket looks out of it. It goes without saying that no wires are noticed inside, on photo number 5 you can see plug and socket connection of the flex with the blanket. It is from the inside and from face side – there is photo №6. As for security, here I simply trusted the company, as nothing else is left.

As this is my first mattress of this kind, I attentively studied the manual. On the whole, there are no difficulties; the main is – not to fool around with the blanket yourself, and not to allow doing that your children and pets. What is essential: people with pacemakers should be careful, as electromagnetic fields coming from the blanket may violate its work.

The electric blanket has three temperature conditions and very comfortable remote control. Not only is it convenient to switch between modes, but also it has a panel lightning, at night you can see whether it is turned on and which mode. One more moment of no small importance is – power requirement of 60W, which is far cheaper than any other heater.

Now the main thing, how to use and what impressions you get when use it. I’ll tell at once – great! You should switch the electric blanket on 30 minutes before going to bed, and cover it with a blanket from above, so that the heat won’t go away. If you switch it on for 1st, you don’t feel any special heat, but instead the feeling is as if someone has simply warm up the bed by the body. If for 2d mode, you feel very light heat. You may not switch it off during sleep, that’s what I did when it was too cold in the room. Sometimes I switch it off, and then I’ll turn it on once again at night, heat it up. It is very comfortable to go sleeping to warm bed. If you caught a cold during the day, you heat up during night completely, all low back pains with radicular pains go by.

Once I washed the mattress. You disconnect the flex and wash it by hand in a delicate mode; you don’t wring it out and leave it extended to dry up. Surely, it’s better to do in warm season. There are other models of similar electric blankets, which carry washing in a washing machine.

Probably, that’s all. I’d like to mention drawbacks, but I haven’t found them. When you are using it for first days, you feel edge folds of the mattress under the bed sheet, than they become smoothed out. All in all, it’s a perfect thing for 70$. I use it at home when there is no heating; I also take it with me to the country house. During repairs I was sleeping on the floor, and the electric blanket helped me not to become ill. So I recommend it.

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  1. Nicol 15 May 2014 :

    I always wanted to buy such electric blanket but I was always afraid that it can be rather dangerous for health. Is it safe?

  2. Jhon Big 29 June 2014 :

    I have an electric blanket too and I consider it to be safe. You can regulate the temperature you like. It is especially great when you are travelling. You may need it any time.

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