Hand cream Berry Refresh, Lumene

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Customer reviews: Hand cream Berry Refresh, Lumene

It moistens perfectly and it doesn’t leave splotches

Author: Alisa     Date: 2014-01-05
Author´s opinion:
The Lumene is a Finnish cosmetic line. Usually I don’t take their creams for one reason – I prefer Nivea cosmetics. However, I’ve heard numerous positive opinions about the hand and foot cream, so there was some temptation, you know. That’s why I’ve decided to test the Lumene hand cream. I really enjoyed it. Firstly, its gay orange packaging catches the eye. Secondly, the cream suits every skin type. Moreover, it is absorbed well in a wink without leaving greasy imprints. Thirdly, the manufacturers claim that it moistens perfectly and I can positively confirm it. So, open the 75 ml tube and spread it over your ...