Bark of Panama tree (Soapy bark)

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Good alternative to soap nuts

Author: Sheila     Date: 2014-01-19
Author´s opinion:
If you have ever washed hair using soap nuts broth, then you will for sure like to use bark of a soapberry. On Amazon it is being sold in a form of such medium-sized chip wood. You can make a broth from the chip wood or directly wash your hair by it, or use it along with soft surfactants to make a shampoo. Moreover, you may dilute Ghassoul clay – you’ll get a thick Ayurvedic shampoo. On one hand, the only point against it is that to wash hair this way may not be right for owners of too oily hair (they will be poorly washed out). On the other hand, by using broth with saponins head skin won’t be irritated so much and the production of ...