Arousal day cream Aqua sensation, Nivea

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Customer reviews: Arousal day cream Aqua sensation, Nivea

It won’t protect you from ultraviolet

Author: Yana     Date: 2014-01-10
Author´s opinion:
You know, I’m very demanding when it comes to various creams, so there is no wonder that I often fail to choose exactly the one that would be absolutely suitable for me. I do trust the Nivea creams, that’s why as soon as the new Aqua Sensation appeared on our market I didn’t hesitate a minute and I bought it. Of course, first I was attracted by the adverts and promises of the manufacturer – the cream is supposed to guarantee super moistening as well as to improve your complexion. The cream’s texture is really very light and tender, it is not heavy or greasy unlike night or winter creams. It is absorbed well and quickly. ...