Antonio Banderas Golden Secret Eau De Parfum

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Customer reviews: Antonio Banderas Golden Secret Eau De Parfum

A perfect scent and a great bottle

Author: Fialla     Date: 2014-01-10
Author´s opinion:
In the past I was skeptical about "celebrities" perfumes as I thought these scents are rather simple and off-grade. While choosing a present for my husband I decided to smell a perfume The Golden Secret presented by Antonio Banderas. I was pleasantly surprised. This scent was provocatively strong and sexy. There’s some special thrill in it, which sets the perfume apart from the other men’s perfumes. The smell is memorable. I've decided to break my own principles and bought that perfume for my husband. The composition includes such top notes, as mint and rum, middle notes, as musk and black pepper and basic notes, as ...