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product : Medidos pillbox
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Date: 2013-12-14

As I have to take a great number of pills every day, at times 10 different kinds, I simply get mixed up and forget what pills I should take and when, because they have to be taken at different times, some have to be taken in halves, another in quarters. Sometimes I should take two pills at a time. In general, when the amount of pills become more than two or three per day, it is next to impossible to memorize without noting the procedure of taking. I have to note it over again every week or two, because the pills and the procedure of taking change. I get too lazy to do it therefore I forget to take them, sometimes I forget to look at the note list; in general, it is actually a very unreliable way.

It turned out that buying a pillbox is much simpler. It costs about $15 and is of the highest quality as it is made in Germany. It looks very simple. The pillbox has a leatherette cover. Inside it there are 7 flasks, one for each day of the week. Every flask has 4 sections divided by portable and removable partitions, which is very convenient. Sometimes I have to take 4 big long capsules in the morning and 1 little pill in the evening; in this case I enlarge the morning section in order it can contain all that is needed. Every flask has a plastic cup moving along runners and fix in closed state. The containers are transparent and it is also very convenient. I stock myself with the pills for the whole week and do not think about them until the next week comes. This pillbox has made my life much simpler and helped me to “dump” my memory, which is overloaded with work as it is.

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