The simultaneous double-channelness is just a marketing trick

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Date: 2013-12-03

I respect the TP-Link company, it has the best routers from the cheap price range. However, this model belongs to the medium price range, it costs about 120-140$.

First of all, let’s talk about the advantages. The user interface is simply excellent, it is tuned easily and conveniently. Numerous configuration options are available to you, if you need it. Traditionally, in the set there are a cable, three antennas and a power supply unit. The size of the router isn’t small at all: 9.6×6.4×1.3 inches (243×160.6×32.5 mm), take it into account when buying the router.

I’ve bought it for the only function – it has 2 USB ports, but the revisions are 2.0, but the most important thing is that they exist. You can connect it with a printer, a scanner, a cam and other devices, however, I used them to connect the USB flash drivers to create a file storage which is convenient to access for everyone in any point of the flat, that is through Wi-Fi. You can certainly put a password on the storage, everything is all right with the security settings. I’d like to remark an important peculiarity: don’t try to connect the outer hard discs, these ports can recognize only the USB flesh drivers up to 128 Hb, and not more. I’ve connected two quick 64 GB flesh drivers, in total it was 128 GB. For me it’s enough and to spare to exchange files, films and documents. It’s also convenient to use one of the flesh drivers as a backup for the important data from different computers, it considerably spares the time, I mean Wi-Fi using. If the router doesn’t recognize the flesh driver, format it in the standard mode that the Windows offers you by default, change nothing, after that the router should recognize it. A quick formatting won’t help, do the full one, it will take several hours, but nothing can be done.

One more convenient function consists in the possibility of connecting the peripherals (MFP’s, scanners, printers, cams, etc.) by Wi-Fi. Of course, your device should support such a Wi-Fi connection. I’ve chosen the MFP with such a possibility deliberately, and I’m very glad that I didn’t have to connect extra wires. I’ve installed the MFP near the router, I’ve connected the router to the wall outlet and that’s all. After that I connected it with the router by Wi-Fi and the further MFP control is realized by Wi-Fi with the help of the router. You can connect as many devices as you like.
Now a few words about its weak points. This router supports two channels, and, what is more, simultaneously. It means that the router guarantees the work of the channel with the frequency of 2.4 GHZ with the speed of 300 megabit per second and at the same time it supports the work of one more channel with the frequency of 5 GHZ with the speed of 450 megabit per second. The channel of 5 GHZ is considered to be free from any devices, that’s why it is more stable, quick and so on. In fact, as a result I work at 300 megabit at the only channel. You can tune the simultaneous work for sure, as the manufacturer claims, but it’s definitely not so easy to do, but if you are really enthusiastic, it’s not a problem for you. However, I’m an ordinary user, I’ve been working on a computer for 15 years, and I consider myself as an advanced user, but I didn’t manage to tune the simultaneous work of two channels. The router often failed, the computer even froze when trying to connect with the 5 GHZ channel. All in all, I’ve tormented with it for several days, but still, I couldn’t tune it, as this function is definitively not a user-friendly one. Otherwise I have no claims about this router, on the contrary, I can’t help admiring the stability of the work.

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