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Date: 2013-12-03

Dental floss Jordan I consider to be one of the best flosses that I have ever used before. I`ve tried almost all the flosses of this series: «EasySlide», «Everyday», «in Вetween», «Activ Care» including «Jordan Expand» which I tested recently. All of them were really good.

First of all I want to mention the advantages. The floss is rather thick so it doesn`t slide in your hands and thanks to that it is rather economical. To hold it well it is not necessary to wind it on your fingers. Secondly, in the process of cleansing it expands very well and fills the space between the teeth. Most of the thin flosses traumatize my gums, in comparison with this one, which perfectly cleanses even the widest spaces between teeth. It is a good variant for those who suffer from bleeding gums. Thirdly, the floss is soaked in mint paste, so it has a pleasant flavor which refreshes your breath. One more advantage is that it is also soaked in fluorine. Though it is not felt, the fact is really pleasant. It is produced in Norway so I am sure that it is of good quality because this country doesn`t produce anything bad. It is also mentioned that the floss is covered with wax. I didn`t notice it and to be honest I don`t know what is it for.

There is also one small disadvantage. I didn`t like the fact that the mint paste in which the floss was soaked is too sweet. After cleansing you have a feeling as if you have eaten a mint candy. May be there are some other flavors but I didn`t try them.

In general, I liked the floss and I put 9, because one point was stolen by too sweet flavor.

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