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Date: 2013-12-23

The Yogurt Maker got into my “good hands” almost new. Only one jar, fallen into oblivion in the vast expanses of the previous owner’s dwelling lacked. Still, this fact practically didn’t have any influence on the operating process: 33.8 oz of milk can almost be put into rest 6 jars.

At first the Yogurt Maker simply was stored in a cupboard – I didn’t know how I could approach to it. Where can I buy ferment? How long to store it? What to add? The process of making yogurt seemed too complicated for me, and because of that my try of the appliance was delayed. As a result, our first home-made yogurt appeared thanks to curiosity and persistence of sonny.

I found directions for use in the Internet, as in my case it wasn’t attached to the appliance. I ordered dried starter powder in online shop and bought litre of pasteurized milk of 6% fat.

The process of cooking yogurt in a Yogurt Maker turned out to be much easier than I imagined. Milk is enough to heat up and dilute ferment in it. The received mixture you should pour into jars, place inside the appliance and cover it with a big lid. There is no electronic timer in Yogurt Maker; to my mind you don’t need it. There are divisions from 1 to 12 on the lid so to set time “reminder” on switching off. Yogurt is made from 6 to 12 hours (time depends on milk fat, type of ferment and desired richness of a ready product). That is, if you turn on the appliance at 10 am for 6 hours, than you should set the division on 4th scale (we turn it off at 16:00).

While cooking little lids from jars are conveniently placed on the lid of the Yogurt Maker. As soon as the product is ready, we wind little lids onto jars and put them into a fridge for couple of hours. The ready yogurt can be kept up to 5 days. Moreover, there are convenient notches with numbers on the lids so to keep track of expiration date.

The Yogurt Maker works silently, doesn’t overheat, you can easily leave it working at night. The ready yogurt may be used as ferment for next batch (up to 5 times). Activia or any other natural shop yogurt will also be right as ferment.

Home-made yogurt is very tasty. You may add different fillers (jams, fruits, chocolate and other) both at the beginning of cooking and into already ready yogurt. Besides, you can use natural yogurt as filling for salads and basis for cooking cream to baking.

All in all, I am very pleased with the Yogurt Maker. Now every day the whole our family eats healthy and tasty yogurt.

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