This mouthwash simply burns the mouth out, I’m not pleased

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Date: 2013-12-23

It is a British rinser, which is rather popular in Europe. I was walking past it for a long time, as I personally wasn’t aware of the brand. But when my regular Lacalut mouthwash finished, I decided to buy Listerine.

How long I then actually spat from it, both in direct and figural sense. But let’s start from advantages: the odor is pleasant, smells of menthol and something else. The consistence is normal, there is no glycerin greasiness like in Parodontax, it has convenient measuring jug lid. And the main plus, after using it, the normal breath is kept quite long, up to 4-5 hours; it is a perfect factor for me personally.

And now let’s get to bad qualities. The taste is something terrible, you have such feeling as if you have filled your mouth with cheap vodka and set it on fire right there. The mouth simply burns down with this mouthwash; at least you have a feeling just like this. Yes – it is made with alcohol, the maker doesn’t conceal this fact, but I have tried mouthwashes with alcohol from other producers, and I also had burning pain, but not of such extent. And the very sweet taste that is left in mouth and on lips afterwards – it is not very good, to my mind they have overworked it here.

Generally, I have opposite feelings after using this mouthwash, but on the whole, I am rather not satisfied, as no advantages can mask this taste. I don’t recommend it.

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