Vacuum Cleaner Samsung Airtrack SC4325

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Customer reviews: Vacuum Cleaner Samsung Airtrack SC4325

It’s a cheap vacuum cleaner in all respects, the quality is mediocre

Author: Den     Date: 2013-12-07
Author´s opinion:
I’ve bought this vacuum cleaner recently, I wanted exactly the one without a dust bag. In this vacuum cleaner the dust gathers into a container that you can easily clean later, like a glass. Then you should put the dust in the bin and that’s all. I received exactly what I wanted, I have no claims. I used to have an expensive vacuum cleaner Thomas Twin TT and it was a water one. I had to wash the dust bag for 20 minutes and in general all this water manipulations used to take up half an hour more, it even occurred to vacuum for 15 minutes and to trifle with the vacuum cleaner for 30 minutes. I was fed up with it and I wanted a more simple ...